ZENpark is located in a privileged area, with unique views to the park and the sea. This building is a start point of this company as it is the place where decisions about projects are taken.


Having an eighteen-meter front and limited depth, we worked on having as many environments as possible in direct connection with the park in order to benefit the users with views. The two twin-units of one bedroom per floor have a strong bond with the park from any part of unit.


The loft units make a vertical strip of “double heights” that separate it from the neighbor building. These units have a great height of five meters with direct connection to the park. 


Gonzalo Ramírez 2157; Parque Rodó; Montevideo Uruguay


Housing Building


3.560 m2 / 42 dwellings

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Danilo Brechner, Sebastián Rodríguez, Luis Sancassano
BRSarquitectos | Brechner Sancassano
Av Sarmiento 2260 Piso 4 | Montevideo UY | info@brs.uy | +598 2712 0614