Torre MAS

Torre MAS is located at a peculiar plot in the city. The property has exits to two different streets (21 de Setiembre Street and Franzini Street) which have different regulations regarding height permissions. Along 21 de Setiembre street, we built a block of twelve levels in height, with double front retreat and base, whereas along Franzini street, we designed a two-level block with services for the dwelling units.


Due to the difference in heights allowed, the maximum volume of possible construction is clearly limited. Taking these data into account, we strategically designed the dwelling units. The building has eleven apartments with three bedrooms with additional option to service room and there is also a penthouse with one bedroom and an important terrace to the front.


The bedrooms open to the back and, thanks to the difference in height of the blocks; these rooms have gained singular open views of the city. The social environments, such as living room, dining room and kitchen were designed to be located at the front. These environments nurture a facade which seeks to highlight views with glass-covered volumes and blind planes. Through a structural change in the kitchen, we projected lower level floors with rooms for service and higher level floors with more spacious kitchens. 


21 de Setiembre 2669; Pocitos; Montevideo Uruguay


Housing Building


1.775 m2 / 12 dwellings

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Danilo Brechner, Sebastián Rodríguez, Luis Sancassano
BRSarquitectos | Brechner Sancassano
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