Torre Ki

Torre KI represents the first project housing project undertaken by BRSarchitects.


It was born as a dwelling building designed to satisfy the needs of every-day living. It has ten floors and it offers twenty apartments of one and two bedrooms.


It was created with a clear and clean base design in which we thoroughly studied the internal functioning of the units in order to serve the user better. We proposed social areas to the active front, with views to Batlle Park and, thanks to the neighborhood’s low scale; the resting areas were planned at the back with clear views to the coast of Pocitos neighborhood.


Because the block emerges in height from a lower area, we planned the front with certain movement and verticality, with a levitating plane that runs through the building while it falls down to the front defining the visuals. 


Gabriel Pereira 2888; Pocitos; Montevideo Uruguay


Housing Building


1.610 m2 / 20 dwellings

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Danilo Brechner, Sebastián Rodríguez, Luis Sancassano, Juan Manuel Pérez, Luciano Benites
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