Project “Blanes” was born at a patio house which is typical in the city of Montevideo. The house was characterized by having used 100% of the property, with two patios with skylights that ventilate and illuminate the environments. Because of this, the design was structured through a great central patio through which the housing units are accessed.


The project has six units of one and two bedrooms, all of them connected to the mentioned patio that coexists with the units as the articulating nexus of the project. The patio was planned, not only as a circulation area, but also as a place of social interaction. It is an area where neighbors may use for different purposes.


As this project is a recycling one, we took care of respecting the design, comfort and lighting in order to get a good development of the project. 


Juan Manuel Blanes 1211; Parque Rodó; Montevideo Uruguay


Recycled house to a 6 dwelling project


260 m2 / 6 dwellings

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Danilo Brechner, Sebastián Rodríguez, Luis Sancassano
BRSarquitectos | Brechner Sancassano
Av Sarmiento 2260 Piso 4 | Montevideo UY | | +598 2712 0614