Umbro Outlet

We carried out a project for Umbro which involved transforming and old and ruined warehouse, where there was previously a car-dealer business, into the premises of a wholesale of sports clothes.


The designing of this project involved detailed work in the functioning and requirements of the premises, working together with the client so as to take into account the different needs regarding room for sale and room for storage. We planned an area that is opened to the public with four independent showrooms for the different brands offered; there is also an administrative area, management area and storage area which can be accessed independently from the street.


In this project it was important to take into account the details in design as they were key elements for the standards of the brands represented. 


Eduardo Víctor Haedo 2072


Commercial Space


830 m2

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Danilo Brechner, Sebastián Rodríguez, Luis Sancassano
BRSarquitectos | Brechner Sancassano
Av Sarmiento 2260 Piso 4 | Montevideo UY | | +598 2712 0614